Moments before indulgence
  • Springing Streams
    Springing streams

    Shopping and dining are made different, let all the day activities take their place Through Springing Streams of water, relaxing atmosphere is dominant at the Yard thanks to the ambience of flowing water that keeps radiating wherever you go. Another featurethat makes the Yard somewhere magical.

  • The terrace
    The Terrace

    Regale your eyes with the fascinating landline of AlRehabfused with the special soul of The Yard, keep an eye on the happiness of people walking around, the calmness of luxurious restaurants and cafes, a spot to catch the world in a different manner from.That’s what you will exactly experience when you visit the terrace; an open area operated through fascinating cafes/restaurants in a higher floor that overlooks the whole Yard.

  • Kids Yard
    Kids Yard

    They do need a break as well, but theirs is way different. They are fond of colors, space, soft materials, enjoyable toys, non-stop laughs and smiles, which is typically the Kids Yard is all around. One further point is the safety and quality standards met while developing the place so parents can have their peace of mind.