Moments before architectural art.
  • The modern arena
    The modern arena

    An overlook on the design awaken a mixture of sensations, longing for power, veneration of smoothness and passion for beauty. The Yard lends a modern touch using hard edges, royal colors and modern lighting to the genuine soul of historic arenas,feel the containment and space, the modernity and nobility, smoothness and adequacy, a truly balanced design that is very welcoming, prestigious and futuristic looking.

  • Uncut connection with nature
    Uncut connection with nature

    The core concept behind the design is the connection with the power of nature, The Yard is completely outdoor with uncut sky scenery of the beautiful morning sun rays and night celestial sparkles. This irresistible scene is mixed with theambience of ongoing water features which follow your steps with its heart-touching purl.

  • Encompassed by luxury
    Encompassed by luxury

    Materials used in finalizing the project are of extreme quality. Each piece is picked carefully to join the enchanted harmony of the design. Pure granite floors carries walkers through water streams encompassed by soft marble walls all creating aperfect mood for relaxation and guarantees the quality of time.

  • Smooth flow
    Smooth flow

    The beauty of design did not affect its’ functionality, yet, it boosted it. Walking through defined sections facilitates reaching addressed shop or getting specific purpose, also the amazing terrace area let the visitors enjoy inimitable view of the wholeplace and The Yard’s surroundings. Simply the design enhances the experience of shopping and inject it with outstanding amusement.